Trains, Planes, and Buses


Today was a good day at school. I actually got to see how Mr. Rodd teaches and how the students interact with him. The students really respect him and do their best to please him, for the most part. Mr. Rodd’s 30th birthday was today, so the students sang “Happy Birthday” To him in English. I never noticed the lisp that everyone says Spaniards have until about 40 of them say “bir-ttthhhhh-day!” It was the cutest thing ever!! I gave him the WKU garden flag & his stamps, and he was so grateful! He even showed off the stamps to the other teachers and the students. The day was long, but not too shabby overall!

After school four other girls and I went into the City Center & explored. We took a few Red Towel pictures here and there. But the best thing we saw was Cathedral de Barcelona. It was absolutely amazing, inside and out. I was awed by the architecture and the stations inside. We spent about 2 or so hours in the City Center and then ventured back to where we came from. This is where my evening gets interesting. So  most of the other girls don’t live near me. So I had to take one metro back by myself. This was extremely nerve racking, because I was terrified I would miss the stop (even though it ended up where I needed to be) and I was over conscious of the pick pockets. Luckily, I survived this part with flying colors. I went up to the street level of my metro & began to walk home. On my way up the hill, I saw a bus sitting in the same direction that I needed to go. So I asked the driver if he was going to stop 126 (remember this number later). He spoke very little English, but did his best to help me. I thought we had an understanding so I felt good. Well… Then we pasted the turn that I needed to take. Right then and there, I knew I was on the wrong bus. Thankfully, after many tries, the bus driver was able to point me in the correct direction. Fun fact: There no bus stop near my house that is 126! I have no idea where I came up with that number, but it sounded good at the time. I was so thankful for the bus driver. He tried his best to help me even with the language barrier. I tried to give him a tip, but he wouldn’t accept it. The people here are just genuinely nice here and that’s really comforting. It makes me excited for tomorrow’s big adventure! My first weekend in Barcelona!!!!  


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